Vladimir Shevchenko: Putin and Xi Jinping, without shaking hands, clearly complied with the approved protocol

Former Chief of Staff to Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin Vladimir Shevchenko.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

-… Vladimir Nikolayevich, in Beijing, our president and the president of the People’s Republic of China did not shake hands. The head of Putin’s protocol, Vladislav Kitaev, explained later that this was an agreement: it is a coronavirus, a request from the Chinese side, and the heads of government have known. I mean, is it normal?

– This is normal.

During the pandemic, it was previously accepted.

And it’s not: one gets on, as they say, with a motor, the second hits the shoulder, and you don’t know why.

And when it was agreed before, they greet each other from a distance, if you see a picture on TV, they say: “Hello”, stay away. Everything is correct.

– Here you also remember the episode in 2021 to Angela Merkel in Moscow, then Putin just gave a bouquet of flowers as a thank you.

– Yes, as a rule, they meet and shake hands. And he gave her a bouquet, and it was a big one.

– Tell me, in your work, when you work with Mikhail Sergeevich, Boris Nikolaevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich, is it like this, there are no withdrawals, but new thanks?

– No, there are no new options. Later on the reforms came from the other side. You said hello, and you could still give him a pat on the back. This is the American way, he came every time.

But Bush Sr. did not. and Reagan did that, and Obama, at the end of his presidency, can admit it.

And everything else is written in the protocols, the parties agree. carefully discuss.

Sasha, please understand, all this is happening while preparing the trips, so as not to leave the head of state or the deputy in an emergency situation. Everyone has their own preferences and other…

They meet, shake hands, and that’s it… What happens depends on the person who receives or arrives.

– Improvised, too, or what? I read your book on government protocol, there is talk about it, not much. Is it necessary to paint these kinds of shades?

– It’s true. Because it is a permanent culture, they say, thousands of thousands, – relationships. Now, during the epidemic, there are many kinds of problems, to say the least.

And then the world, “it’s just crazy”, we start talking, talking to people in a different way.

– Our Boris Nikolaevich did not pat anyone on the shoulder?

– No.

– You know, I saw an episode like this. Biden’s former president, Trump, at first only shook Putin’s hand, then tapped him on the shoulder. And Putin, arrogantly, did the same.

– And he did it right. Perhaps, it will be done more, so as not to violate the protocol. (laughter)

– What other conditions were there, for example, in the work of the Soviet protocol?

– We, Brezhnev, for example, kiss everyone.

– Yes, not only Brezhnev. Yeltsin too…

– Boris Nikolaevich, it is said, never really kissed anyone. Sometimes he could, but at official events he didn’t.

– By Gorbachev?

– Gorbachev – much more.

– Raisa Maksimovna was right there.

– Yes.

– If you extend your special ritual course, you will make a special chapter there, even for us journalists – for kissing, for flattering…

– I wish I could have gathered you all together, and at least teach you what I shouldn’t do.

– Yes, you teach us all the time. If we listen to you, we won’t write anything.

You don’t always have to listen to me. I don’t want to put anyone in chains, they say, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little thought.

Sasha, in our time, as you know very well, no bad behavior is allowed now for anyone. Now on our television you will hear that some, unfortunately, the actor will give advice on how to deal with the president, how to deal with anyone else. We don’t have that, we have a sense of respect.

– It’s true.

– And there is the most important part. As he introduced himself, sir, he replied. You started to “sand” – receive change.

– I knew. Thank you, Vladimir Nikolaevich.

– Let’s go. Until…

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