Volochkova on the assistant Sergei: “We are no longer together, but we will remain friends!

Anastasia Volochkova wrote a post on Instagram about Sergei’s assistant

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

After the words about the unexpected betrayal of her lover, Anastasia Volochkova calmed down and wrote a press release on Instagram about the cleaner Sergei, whom she planned to marry last week.

– People, you know the man who told me his beloved wife with a beautiful letter (even though he deleted all our photos from his Instagram), but PR, I didn’t want to something, darkness and sadness in my soul. Sorry…. It was a great New Year’s celebration with Seryozha and his son and our romantic trip to the Maldives was full of happiness! You all saw it!

I fell in love with Serezha because of his attitude towards me. I also loved his son. We haven’t had time to spend time together, as he has given us so much criticism and anger. I will not allow anyone to pollute Seryozha. Absolutely not! A wonderful person! Just be clear. Seryozha and I are very close to each other! Because the thoughts that hinder us, they are from God! And not many receive that grace! He loved him with all my heart! Instead. Such are the circumstances… We try to translate our relationship into mainstream friendship… It’s very difficult for me as a woman. I think about Seryozha…

We are very familiar with each other. And you, to our satisfaction… I am writing with tears in my eyes… Because everything is true! I am very bitter… And Seryozha, I know that too… But he will always be my love Seryozha. I think there will be a lot of discussion about this. But we did not have a joint account in this month of happiness. And the development of shared life in the physical space was not considered. But no one can destroy our spiritual faithfulness and our piety to each other! Because forever! I have never written anything like this about anyone. What a wonderful person! And, no matter what, I will always cherish this light of our relationship!

I’m really crying right now… And I miss this person I have. But I really respect Seryozha’s treatment of his son Kirill, whom I loved with all my heart. And in all its complexities, I will not be indifferent. I asked the press corps not to disturb the calls. I’m very sad now”, admitted the artist.

Note: Sergei Volochkova met on the topic “Let’s get married.” Their conversation continued after the show, and quickly turned into romance.

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