What will the third day off give the company and the employees?

There are two stories. Well: in Russia, the season is longer, there is one more day off, and the weekdays are reduced to four days. The bad news: no one really knows how to properly organize work in four working days, and mistakes in entering such a work schedule are fraught with low wages, depending on part to working time, due to the rapid increase. .

This can only be avoided if the change of time before the increase in the productivity of the work. This was told to “RG” by experts interviewed in the labor market and human resources departments of large companies.

Demand for a shorter work week also increased as a result of Sovcombank’s experiment. About 5% of remote workers in the financial industry (mostly IT and administrative staff) try to complete all their work in four days instead of five. If the results are very good, the bank is ready to continue to put in those working hours.

At the same time, wages will not be reduced, and workers will have more days. It is believed that an additional 24 hours of rest will increase the productivity of employees, their satisfaction, and therefore, faster business operations with fewer errors. At this point, this is just a hypothesis to be tested.

At the state level, the matter has not been considered for four days. The Ministry of Labor spoke to Minister Anton Kotyakov’s comments at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. According to the press office, the position of the office has not changed in six months.

“Employers may not agree to pay in four to five days,” warns Zhanna Volkova, director of marketing at Kelly’s recruitment agency. “For employers, the move to a four-day work week would be great if they were forced to reduce the amount of work, as was the case in the automotive industry, when the demand for cars decreased.

However, Sovcombank’s test does not apply to employees of customer branches. They, like car assembly line workers, will continue to work on their standard schedule. We are talking about those professionals who can work remotely, and being physically present at the workplace is not a big deal.

“Reducing the working day during the day in remote working conditions will not be effective, it is necessary to consider that the boundary of the working day can be transferred from the “hours of the day” to “the same days” -says the head of the department of business intelligence and solutions for the manpower company ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS Mikhail Tuzov – The work that takes an hour to complete can take longer to three hours, it’s been a long working day, a lot of work.

When working remotely, the employee should report on the work completed, not the time spent on the computer. If the management permits, you can “complete the five-year plan in four years” and get another day off for yourself. Many public institutions work on the same principle: the lunch break is reduced by 15 minutes, and work on Friday ends 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier than on other days. If it also affects the scale of the working week, the five-day period can be reduced by one day. Finally, until 1967, the USSR had a six-day work week, and then Saturday became a day of rest. Then the economy took off.

41% of business managers surveyed by hh.ru want to work only four days a week. Another 25% is very good for this situation. However, only 9% of organizations plan to switch to this schedule. The main reasons are: the decrease in the wages of workers, the decrease in productivity, and the promotion of laziness and indolence of workers, and the decrease in vocational training.

“Most workers can do their job three days a week, and a large part – two,” the president of SuperJob Alexei Zakharov is sure. “If the workers work well, then it is possible to reduce the hours of work of individual workers, or to reduce the workers themselves. In the past centuries, the share of the heavy manual work in the economy has been cut in half, recalls Zakharov. More processes rely on automation and robots, because it is possible to reduce the burden on people.

The transition to four working days a week requires an increase in labor productivity of at least 20% – this is a reduction in working time, Tuzov emphasized. If this does not happen, wages will remain at the same level, opening the way to an increase in labor income and, in general, to a rise in inflation in the economy. The only positive aspect of this is the reduction of unemployment. However, in Russia it is now at a very good level, says Vladimir Gimpelson, director of the Center for Labor Studies at the Higher School of Economics at the National Research University. However, many companies say they are understaffed and have no one to fill the gaps.

“There is a lot of unmet demand in the labor market: Companies want to hire new workers for old wages,” says Gimpelson. “And people are willing to pay more, but not all employers can offer that kind of money. As a result, there are still vacancies that are not being filled.”

Many people want to use the rest day that occurred during the transition to a four-day week for additional income, experts believe. In addition, the opportunity to earn extra money on Saturdays and Sundays is increasingly in demand. According to hh.ru, over the past three years, the number of weekend jobs has increased from 23,000 to 114,000. These activities bring monthly income in the range of 30 to 60 thousand rubles.

“Part-time work on weekends is very common these days, courier drivers work on weekends, combining work with our main work”, explains Anna Tyulyaeva, the head of integration and adaptation department of SDEK.

Sovcombank’s test, which has stirred up the labor market, is in the co-working space of the Turkish hotel, where the workers are flying for a week. Therefore, doubts arise as to how this experience can be transferred to everyday situations. The company’s human resources experts are monitoring their progress. If changing the work format increases the efficiency of the workers, then the idea will be changed continuously for four days. After all, well-functioning employees will be more profitable for the company, that is, making money is one of the main goals of any business enterprise.

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