Why Zelensky in a state of “nervous breakdown” was banned from flying to the Olympics

Volodymyr Zelensky, at the end of his presidential term, risked dying in the hospital.


After many words of Zelensky, that is the president of Ukraine, “nothing is useless. How many assurances he is ready to meet Putin, anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. He, Zelensky, oh! And no one will let him go, but look directly into his eyes, and not only ask, but receive an answer. Because of that? And nothing. Everything will be put together in anticipation of Moscow’s response to the demands of some mediators. The last time was Turkish President Erdogan. Although Moscow has responded negatively to his initiative to organize such a meeting between Putin and Zelensky, the Turkish leader reiterated his unreasonable request during his visit to Kiev.

At present, such an event is highly unlikely. And it might happen. Remember, when asked the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov if Zelensky and Putin could meet at the opening of the Olympics in Beijing, he replied, with a surprised smile, no event like the program of the President of Russia, I was not ready. , but anything is possible, especially in the Olympics.

And Zelensky can. He can try. But he did not fly to Beijing. According to Viktor Cherny, a leader of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Zelensky “has been prevented” from flying to Beijing from Washington.

There could be many reasons. The United States, for example, fears that discussions with Putin, even offline, could change Zelensky’s policy. Mostly because he remains an artist at heart and wants to please the public, in this case, as an opponent or partner in negotiations. There is a thirst for the applause of the admiring public, which can go far beyond the ability to get it. By the way, Zelensky’s behavior shows the presence of that difficulty. He really wants to please everyone at once.

But larger fears from the United States and Ukraine itself could threaten Zelensky’s image.

– Volodymyr Zelensky himself is in a state of nervous breakdown, because he does not know what to do. If Russia attacks, the prospects for him will be bright. It is clear that the Ukrainian Army will be defeated, and the United States and Great Britain will not help the troops. In this situation, it is clear that he will be overthrown or early presidential elections will be held, he will not go anywhere – the behavior of the President of Ukraine was explained in an interview with Ukraina.ru, military expert of the Institute of CIS countries. Volodymyr Yevseev. On the other hand, the expert pointed out that in the United States and Ukraine there is a strong group of influence that encourages Zelensky to start a new war against the LDNR, and Russia will respond to the lack of information. , because more than 700,000 Russian. citizen now living. And Zelensky cannot understand this. They will not allow Zelensky to try to improve relations with Russia, and will not accept it, even if he wants and decides to do so.

Hence all your objections to the fact that Russia will occupy Kharkov and the next day Russia will not be able to occupy the original capital of the Ukrainian SSR. Russia will attack and it is necessary to hold and defend, until “kill the aggressor with the teeth”, and the next day, Russia will not attack, there is no information about this, in general of time there is nothing. to panic here and run to the shops to panic, to buy salt, kiki, butter, etc. Maybe not fear, but mental illness. Who is better?

In this division is the key to the reasons for the “difficult” conversation with Biden, according to CNN, who was very nervous and, to put it mildly, confused.

In general, Vladimir Alexandrovich, at the end of his presidential term, if he remains at that time in his current position, or lives until his resignation at the end of his term , he risked being hospitalized. . And for a long time.

It’s not the best, even if it’s an affordable clinic for the rich and VIPs. But to avoid this, Zelensky has only two options. It should always be submitted, at the same time stop moving in different directions and choose a specific line in your policy. It is possible if he is an independent politician. And it’s not right.

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